So Why Isn’t That Author You Love to Read Updating His/Her Blog?

Let’s say you really like the stories of a particular author. So you started reading his/her blog. At first, it was great. You could catch up on previous entries, find out what novels or shorter works would be coming out next, and feel like you were getting to know a little more about him or her as a person. And then something happened. The posts grew scarcer. And for a time, they completely dried up. Why?

It’s easy to think bad things may have happened, and that is sometimes a correct supposition. Or maybe it’s just the day job, the family, and life in general that elbows the blog aside. But whatever the reason, don’t despair just yet. You see, it could be that a really good thing has been going on. Namely, the author may be so enmeshed in writing a new work – one you’ll love – that there is no time or energy to write blog posts. In short, no news can really be rather good news. In fact, for some writers, the blog posts get written when glaring plot holes raise their ugly heads, or the characters wander off into nowhere land, taking the story with them. The writer may crank out blog posts while the novel needs time to ferment.

That’s pretty much the way it’s been with me. I haven’t blogged in about a month because the revisions to a novel-in-progress snared me. Now that I approach the end of this round of revisions, it’s time to update my blog. So what about that novel, you might ask? I’ll be taking the first three chapters with me to Taos Toolbox later this month. But that’s the subject of another post.

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