When United Airlines canceled my flight late Monday afternoon because they couldn’t fix a flat tire, thus stranding me in San Antonio, I was not happy. I was tired, sleep deprived and just wanted to get home to my husband. Instead, I thought I’d be eating a forgettable dinner by myself in a Hilton near the airport, and then go up to my room early. I entered the uninspired hotel dining room, SF paperback in hand. Sitting at the next table were a couple of other convention-goers who’d also been stranded. A few minutes later more came in – fans, filkers and a writer. We had a fine time talking about the Worldcon we’d just attended, conventions past and future, projects we were working on, and all manner of things. Before I knew it, over two hours had passed pleasantly. In short, I can’t think of another group of strangers I’d rather be stranded with than science fiction and fantasy aficionados.

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  1. Welcome to fandom. We flew home on flights with the chair of the 2015 Worldcon!

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