Today is the day established by law on which we commemorate the United States Constitution. I hear some of you asking, how do we do that? There don’t seem to be any parades, fireworks, or even blockbuster sales events.

Well, I have an idea: we might try reading, or rereading, the Constitution.

What’s that you say? Too long? Too boring? Too nerdy? Stuff and nonsense. It’ll scarcely take any more time than reading a news article or a short story. Besides, you’re already hanging out reading blog posts, and this is the document that establishes our government, with its powers and duties. It also establishes our individual rights, for goodness sakes. So here you go.

And for those needing a smart phone app:

You’re welcome.

2 responses

  1. Our office distributed small bound copies if you wanted one, which I thought was clever.

  2. This was loovely to read

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