When writing about dinosaurs and other creatures tromping, swimming, or flitting through the Mesozoic, it becomes necessary to refer to a whole bunch of them. What exactly are they called? I’ve decided to invent my own collective nouns.

An aerie of Archaeopterx

An ambush of Albertosaurs

An array of Oviraptors

A battery of Baryonyxs

A brood of Brachiosaurs

A colony of carnosaurs

A drove of Dryosaurus

A herd of Herrerasaurs

A horde of horned Hadrosaurs

A mob of Mosasaurs

A pack of Pachycephalosaurs

A terror of Tyrannosaurs

A troop of Triceratopsians

Naturally, one needs some collective nouns for those being who may interact with the dinosaurs, such as—

A passel of paleontologists

A panic of proto-mammals

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