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On Monday I signed and returned a contract for a new piece that will be published in Analog Science Fiction and Fact. I’m simply thrilled to tell you that I’ve written a guest editorial for Analog. This is a really big deal for me as I think back to all those years when I’d invariably turn to Stan Schmidt’s editorials before reading anything else in the latest issue. Come to think of it, I still find myself reading the editorial first. Nonetheless, I never would have imagined I’d be following in Stan’s footsteps, even in this small way.

Nor did I anticipate this being my next Analog sale even a few months ago. It began with a conversation I had with Trevor, Analog’s current editor, at World Fantasy Convention last November. After we had flitting among all sorts of topics, Trevor asked if I’d be interested in trying my hand at a guest editorial. Well, yes, I said. Yes, I would. A week or two later, I had come up with the outlines of a topic I thought would be of interest to Analog readers. One thing led to another (which isn’t something I take for granted), and now I’m pleased to say that you’ll be able to read my editorial in the July/August 2015 issue.

So what is my guest editorial about, you may ask. Well, I’m thinking I’d rather let it be a surprise. But not to worry about missing it. You can bet I’ll remind my regular followers when the magazine is sighted in the wild.

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  1. That’s awesome. Congratulations. : )

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