Now that many of us in the United States have taken some time to remember the tragic events of September 11th, we should turn to another significant, but lesser known, date: September 17. Today is the day established by law to commemorate the United States Constitution. That’s well worth a few minutes to pause and reflect, don’t you think? I mean it is the road map that has guided Americans for generations as we navigate the tricky highways and byways of democracy, as we find ourselves in seemingly unfamiliar territory. It has also served as a model for newborn democracies around the globe.

I’m not saying our Constitution is the best possible. Sure, it can be improved upon. But I am saying that it’s well worth reading, or rereading, the thing. You don’t have to be a Constitutional scholar to do so. Plus, there’s a lot of interesting stuff after that preamble, which you might have already memorized in school.

What’s that you say? Too long? Too boring? Too nerdy? Stuff and nonsense. It’ll scarcely take any more time than reading a short story or news article. Besides, you’re already hanging out on social media or perusing blog posts, and this is the document that establishes our government, with its powers and duties. It also sets forth our individual rights. So here you go.

And for those looking for a smart phone app:

You’re welcome.

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