I’m back, faithful blog readers. No I haven’t forsaken you, and I have news. My short story, “Not with a Bang,” made the Tangent Online List of Recommended Stories for 2013. Not only that, but it was a starred story. If you missed it, the story is available in the July/August 2013 issue of Analog Magazine.

You can find Tangent’s complete list here: I’ve been relying on Tangent’s annual lists for some time now, as I love reading shorter works of science fiction or fantasy. However, it’s easy for me to get overwhelmed by the number of print and on-line publications these days. That isn’t a complaint, but rather an abundance of riches. So, Tangent is a great way to see what my favorite authors wrote that I missed, and to find intriguing fiction by new writers.

Now back to what I really wanted to tell everyone. I’ve been writing several more dinosaur stories using the same characters in the same modern-day and Mesozoic settings as in “Not with a Bang.” Jaws are snapping, claws are catching, and feathers are flying.  The intrepid paleontologists are in for some more surprises, and not just from the dinosaurs.

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