I figure five is a manageable number, right? It isn’t betting everything on just one or two all-important resolutions. Nor is five so overwhelming that you can’t even commit them all to memory. So here goes:

  1. Resolve to set some realistic goals — daily, weekly, monthly/quarterly, and yearly. By this, I don’t mean the vague and perennially popular “finish a novel.” Instead, resolve to COMPLETE certain component tasks in the project-management sense. It could be to complete research by X date, to have an outline done by the end of Feb., to reach 20,000 words by the Ides of March, to spend the month of April editing, to prepare query letters, etc.
  2. Memorize your resolutions. Repeat them to yourself in the shower, on your way to work, or at some point every day. You’re apt to feel silly, but they’ll be more on your mind. Plus, you’re more likely to do what you said you’d do.
  3. Build your goals into your calendar, to-do list, and whatever organizational system you use. While a sticky note next to your laptop seems to be one approach, maybe it would be better taped to the TV remote.
  4. Get accountability. By this I mean tell your writing buddies, or friends or a trusted family member or two precisely what it is you intend to achieve. See if they’re willing to ask you how you are progressing from time to time. Even if they don’t ask, give them regularly scheduled progress reports. Don’t expect to be perfect, as we all get derailed for all sorts of reasons. But do expect to show them demonstrable progress.
  5. Keep a written record charting your efforts. There are word-count spread sheets out there, not to mention all sorts of time logs and journals for noting what you’ve achieved periodically. I think it’s important to have annual totals to give you a sense of what’s realistic given everything else in your life.

Lastly, for those who’ve read this far, make sure to celebrate your ability to do this thing.

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  1. I *love* the “sticky note on the TV remote” idea! 😀

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