Why no, you shiny, seductive story idea, I am not–repeat NOT-about to chase after you, forgetting my vows to work faithfully on my current story all the way to the end. Because I’m all about finishing. I don’t need my laptop cluttered with yet more folders full of partials.

Ah but what if I forget about this latest intrigue? Will this idea be lost forever? What if it’s really better than all the rest? OK, so I’ll take a very few minutes and jot down the basic concept. Well, and maybe an opening paragraph. Hmmm, I may as well expand this into the opening scene since I know how it goes and getting it down won’t take very long. Plus the ending because I do know how it ends.

Let’s just add in a quickie outline and character sketches for the protagonist and antagonist. Wouldn’t hurt to add some notes about the setting. Oh and a snippet of terrific dialog just popped into my head. I can’t be expected to let that vanish, can I? So while I’m at it, I may as well write the second scene.

And now my writing time for the day has been consumed. But tomorrow is another day for getting back on track.

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