Hey guess what, everyone? I’m now a book reviewer for Analog Science Fiction and Fact! If all goes according to plan, my first column is slated to appear in the March/April 2023 issue. Can you tell how excited I am? The plan at this point is for me to write every other column.

There’s nothing like the fun of picking out an intriguing new novel to read. Now, all the books on my To Be Read heap are clamoring more than ever to be the next one. Suddenly, things are different as I need to select ones that I think will interest Analog’s science fiction readers. It’s been great fun assembling a bunch of novels centered around a common theme. I threw in a non-fiction work, too, that fits the theme. Oh, and I’m already contemplating what the next group will be. The only downside I see is the impressive number of thoughtful, exciting, satisfying books I won’t have enough time or space to get to. Ah, but that’s the plight of all us inveterate readers, isn’t it?

Now here are a couple of questions, dear readers: Do you read book reviews? Why or why not?

2 responses

  1. If I think its a well thought out review, then I will read a review. I am looking forward to seeing the novels you are going to review!

  2. I do! But I don’t usually seek them out. The ones I read are usually either about something I’ve already read, and want to read more about, or else something a friend has mentioned as a review worth reading. Sometimes I’ll check them out for books I’m considering buying, too.

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