I’m not one to resolve to read “more” books this year. That’s too much tracking and keeping on track for my taste. Nor am I much for taking another crack at “great” works that I’ve opened before and never gotten beyond the first few pages. Instead, this year I’m going to focus on easy reading resolutions, ones I’m nearly certain will bring me pleasure and be easier to keep.

First and foremost, I will try reading a few books outside my usual genres of science fiction, fantasy, and science fact. For example, there are marvelous books about food and cooking that go well beyond mere recipe compilations to engage the senses, inform, and even serve as a bit of a travelogue to fascinating places and times.

OK, I’m on a roll! Here are a few more resolutions that seem feasible:

  • I’m going to seek out more works by writers from other lands. I’ve found some of my favorite new authors by doing this.
  • I want to read at least a half hour every day. I might do so as soon as I wake up, before daily events distract.
  • I won’t force myself to finish any book that turns into a slog. Reading every page isn’t like finishing all the food on your plate. Come to think of it, enforced membership in The Clean Plate Club isn’t such a great idea either.
  • I will seek out a few books that were made into new movies or streaming series. I usually find the book version to be a deeper, richer experience. Even when this isn’t the case, it can be fascinating to compare them.
  • I can easily talk up more books I love. With so much competition for readers’ attention, authors need as much favorable press as possible from all quarters.
  • I’m going to read at least one banned book. You know why.
  • I’ll keep on supporting my local libraries monetarily and with book donations. Things haven’t gotten any easier for many of them recently.

Do you have reading resolutions for 2023? I’d be interested in what they are. How will you go about acting on them?

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